Stepping Further Into the Light with Luke Norsworthy

A conversation about Jesus and TV - the perfect combo.

It was an honor to appear on my friend Luke Norsworthy's podcast to talk about The Light is Winning. We dug a little deeper into my story and, I hope, stepped a bit further into the light as a result. Also, we talked about Dexter and True Detective, because what's more important than TV? 

Anyway, here it is - I hope you enjoy the interview! And be sure to subscribe to Newsworthy With Norsworthy on iTunes.

Zach Hoag

Zach Hoag, 851 Woods Hollow Road, Westford, VT, 05494

Zach Hoag is an author, preacher, and creator from New England. He's also the author of The Light is Winning: Why Religion Just Might Bring Us Back to Life.