LISTEN: Resurrected Religion Is All We Got

A couple weeks ago, I got to preach at my home church. And, of course, it had to involve Chance the Rapper.

A snippet:

It is the resurrection of this subversive King that fully and finally declares that empire and evil and darkness and death will not win. The light will.

So I’m with Chance. I don’t believe in kings. But I believe in the kingdom of God. And I believe the kingdom is here now, growing and influencing andsubverting the empire, even our American empire. And I believe it will be fully consummated and completed on the final day.

You can listen to the whole sermon below - enjoy!

Zach Hoag

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Zach Hoag is an author, preacher, and creator from New England. He's also the author of The Light is Winning: Why Religion Just Might Bring Us Back to Life.