Not Just Another Manic Monday: the Light Letter

Stretching the Sacrament of Sunday.

The creative life is full of pivots, large and small, and this is one of those. Starting tomorrow, the Light Letter will be hitting your inboxes on Monday mornings instead of Sundays.

And that's because, for starters, Monday morning is a rhythm that works better for me as a writer and creator. Did you know, writers and creators, that you get to make decisions based on what works best for you? Because you do. And if you don't, what you make probably won't benefit others all that much. Pay attention to that inner voice, to those outer stressors, to the people and things in your life trying to tell you something. And pivot when and how you need to.

It's also because I think the Light Letter - which is where some of my best light writing happens, not an afterthought at all - will reach more people paying attention to their inboxes on Manic Mondays rather than Lazy Sundays. And honestly, the Light Letter can be a way of stretching the sacrament of Sunday into the mania of Monday, making them just a tad less manic.

Think about it. Reading a sermonette that blends the Sunday Lectionary text with thoughts on calling, culture, and creativity just might be what the doctor ordered for kickstarting your week.

And last but not least, I'm switching to Monday morning because I'd love to get the Letter and it's audio counterpart - the LightCast - out on the same day! That way it's a blast of light, truth and hope, for your eyeballs or earholes - as you like it, Charlie Brown.

So - see you tomorrow.