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This site is about finding the light, even if we have to feel our way through dark places to get there. It’s about telling the truth and sharing the story and engaging ideas while keeping Jesus at the center of it all.

It’s about exploring faith…and illuminating life.

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The Campaign Ad That Always Makes Me Misty (Yeah, It’s Bernie)

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This year I decided to make no bones about my support of one of the Democratic presidential candidates. Bernie Sanders. And this video sums up why I feel that, as a Wesleyanabaptist messy-middle Christian, I can express my public support with no qualms. Namely, Bernie is the closest thing we have to a candidate who champions […]

A Blog Redesign and a Big Book Writing Push!


For the last couple months, I’ve been in a season of really intense transition. And transition, when it hits, tends to affect all areas of one’s life and work. Transition tends to affect all areas of one’s life and work. Click To Tweet One of those areas has been this blog, which functions as my […]

2016: The Year of Accepting, Arriving, and Belonging


2015 was quite a year for our family. At the start of the year, I happened to write about the transition that was then underway, still unaware of all it would entail. It would indeed be “starting over.” But I homed in on another idea in that post, one that would turn out to be especially accurate: […]

One of My Favorite David Bowie Moments

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I know Christmas is now tiny in the rear view mirror, but with the sad news that David Bowie died yesterday I thought I’d share one of my favorite Bowie moments. A strange, and strangely powerful, duet with the king of Christmas music Bing Crosby on that old classic Little Drummer Boy. Peace on earth, […]

Some Jesus-Centered Voices on Paris: Bruxy, Volf, Merritt, and Smith


I’ve been hesitant to weigh in, significantly at least, on the Paris attacks and the events that have followed – including the inevitable military counterpunch from France in the form of airstrikes on Syria, and the news of U.S. governors refusing Syrian refugees because of perceived security risks. But I’ve heard a few voices (amidst the […]

The Friday Five: Animated Brené Brown, Sarah and Maggie Bessey, and More


Every Friday, I’ll be sharing the five links that I loved the most this week. This time around it’s everything from Brene Brown in animated form to words on writing and envy, to some damn fine writing about pain and place, to the President’s response to the pain right now in Paris… 1. Brene Brown […]

Goldilocks Theology and God’s Power – Thomas Oord


The story of Goldilocks and the three bears can help us think well about God’s power. Some theologians in Christian history have thought divine power means that God controls everything. They like to use the phrase, “God is sovereign.” Paul Kjoss Helseth, a contemporary advocate of the view, calls the view “divine omnicausality,” because God […]

Josh Feuerstein (Starbucks Red Cup Watchdog) Appears on CNN and It’s Hilarious

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Some American cultural moments are just too good not to share. By now we all know the whole Starbucks red cup fiasco is an insane Internet meme fueled by fear-mongering fundamentalists, but seeing Josh Feuerstein, the guy who made the video that has gone multi-viral, on CNN somehow makes it all worthwhile. It’s hilarious, especially […]

I Just Want to Belong


So far in my life, I’ve moved 16 times. I’ve lived in 6 different states. And I just want to belong. *** When I was 15, I remember sitting across from my parents as they announced that we were moving – again. All the previous times I was able to just roll with it, to […]

WATCH: Rob Bell Talks About Taking Back the Word “Evangelical”

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Absolutely love this video from Rob Bell about taking back the word “evangelical.” What do you think? I say we take the word back…I’m an evangelical. And I believe in good news for everybody. Gosh, Rob. I am IN.


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