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Apocalypse Now


Does the decline of Christian faith in America signal the end of the church as we know it? Are these the “last days” for…

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God is Out of Control – a Guest Post By Michael Hidalgo


We live each day walking on a thin veneer of certainty. Many of us live with a desire to control things because it gives us security and certainty. We want control so badly we even try to control God. It’s almost as if we place boundaries around him, box him in and create a framework for him. We look for him in all the expected places, thinking he will work within the small world we create for him.

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Interviews @ THE HUFF: Rachel Held Evans on Searching For Sunday


Rachel Held Evans just released her latest book, Searching For Sunday, with Thomas Nelson. It’s an excellent foray into the church’s current cultural moment, seen through the lens of Rachel’s own journey from evangelicalism, to doubt, to church planting, to the Episcopal church. In this interview we dig a bit deeper into the author’s motivations, insights, and hopes as Searching For Sunday hits store shelves: